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Stevens County District Court
Clerk of the Distrct Court, Kelsee Burnett

Stevens County
Clerk of the District Court


Street Address 200 E. 6th
Hugoton, Ks 67951
Mailing Address 200 E. 6th
Hugoton, Ks 67951
E-Mail Address N/A
Phone Numbers Office: (620) 544-2484
Fax: (620) 544-2528
Business Hours 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Judges / Clerk of the District Court /
Official Court Reporters /
Administrative Assistant / Local Court Rules /
Docket and Other Fees / Marriage Licenses /
Jury Duty / Probation Information /
Hot Lines

Stevens County is one of 6 counties in the 26th Judicial District,
the others being Grant, Haskell, Morton, Seward and Stanton counties.


Brad Ambrosier
Chief Judge

1025 Morton Ave
Elkhart, Ks 67950

(620) 697-2563
(620) 697-4289
Clinton B. Peterson
District Judge
415 N Washington
Liberal, Ks 67901
(620) 626-3372
Linda P. Gilmore
District Judge
200 E 6th
Hugoton, Ks 67951
(620) 428-6500
(620) 544-2528

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Clerk of the District Court

The Clerk of the Court is Kelsee Burnett. The Clerks of the district courts shall do and perform all duties that may be required of them by law or the rules and practice of the courts, and shall safely keep and preserve all papers, process pleadings, and awards that may be filed, or by law placed in their respective offices. (KSA 20-3102)

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Official Court Reporters

Melody A. Hofferber
200 E. 6th
Hugoton, Ks 67951
Office Phone: (620) 544-2484
FAX: (620) 544-2528

Darla Mirabal
415 N Washington
Liberal, Ks 67901
Office Phone: (620) 626-3235

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Administrative Assistant

Mellisa Lewis
P.O. Box 825
Elkhart, KS 67950

Office Phone: (620) 697-2482

Fax: (620) 697-4289


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Local Court Rules

Click here to access the Local Court Rules in PDF Format

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Judicial Branch Website

Click here to access the Judicial Branch (self-help)

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Docket Fee and Other Fees of the Court


Appeals (municipal court)
Appellate Court Review


Foreign Judgment (another state)
Foreign Judgment (another county)


Tax Warrant
Personal Property Tax
Satautory Bond
Hospital Lien
Lis Pendens
Mechanic's Lein
Oil & Gas Mechanic's Lien
Post Decree Motion
Limited Action ($500 or less)
Limited Action ($500.01 - $5,000)

Limited Action ($5000.01 - $25,000) -------------no limit on contract that is NOT secured by lien

Transfer LM to CV (original $37.00)
Transfer LM to CV (original $57.00)
Transfer LM to CV (original $103.00)
Post-Judgment Promotion of Ch 61 to Ch 60
Small Claims ($500 or less)
Small Claims ($500.01 - $4000)
Criminal (murder/manslaughter)
Criminal (felony)
Criminal (misdemeanor)


Criminal Expungement


Arrest Expungement
Juvenile Expungement
Forfeited Recognizance
Fish & Game
Child in Need of Care
Juvenile Offender
Juvenile Tobacco




Foreign Adoption


Conservatorship &/or Guardianship
Probate Trust
Filing Will & Affidavit
Probate Descent
Probate Estates
Probate Transcript (another county)
Probate Transcript (another state)
Refusal to Grant Letters


Termination of Joint Tenancy
Termination of Life Estate
Commitment of Sexually Violent Predator
Treatment of Alcoholism or Drug Abuse
Treatment of Mentally Ill

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Marriage Licenses

The fee is $85.50 and is due at the time you pick up the license.
A worksheet is required to be filled out by either the bride or groom. The following information is required:

  • Full Name (first, middle, and last) -- no middle initials, only full names
  • Residence (city, county, and state)
  • Birthplace (state or foreign country)
  • Date of birth
  • Number of this marriage (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)
  • If previously married, how last marriage ended and when
  • Race
  • Highest level of education completed
  • Social Security number, ID number, or driver's license number

Parents' Information:

  • Both fathers' full names (first, middle, and last)
  • Both mothers' full names (first, middle, and maiden)
  • All birthplaces (state or foreign country)

Other Marriage License Information:

  • If applicant is under 18, name of parent or consenting guardian
  • Name and address of person performing the ceremony, if known
  • If applicant in under 18, he or she will need to fill out a special affidavit with both parents notarized consent to the marriage. This affidavit may be obtained in the Clerk's office.

There is a full 3-day waiting period after the marriage worksheet has been completed and brought back to the clerk's office before the marriage license may be picked up.

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Jury Duty

The jury panel is selected by a lot from all residents in the county who hold a valid driver's license or Kansas ID card.

Jurors perform a vital role in the American system of justice. The protection of our rights and liberties is achieved largely through the teamwork of judge and jury who, working together in a common effort, put into practice the principles of our great heritage of freedom. The judge determines the law to be applied in the case while the jury decides the facts. Thus, in a very important way, jurors become a part of the court itself.

Once you have appeared for jury duty, you have fulfilled your jury duty requirement for one year. If you are summoned for jury duty and do not appear, you may be summonsed into Court at a later date and fined up to $100 per day for every day of jury duty that you missed.

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Probation Information

The 26th Judicial District Court Services office monitors probationers and covers Court responsibilities.
For information contact:

Jean Lamatsch
200 E. 6th
Hugoton, Ks 67951
Phone: (620) 544-2339
Fax: (620) 544-2528

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Hot Lines

Elder Law 1-888-353-5337
Access to Justice Advice Line 1-800-675-5860
Kansas Lawyer Referral Service 1-800-928-3111
Kansas Lawyer Advice Line - Pay Per Minute 1-800-928-3111
Kansas Payment Center (Child Support Questions) 1-877-572-5722
Legal Aid 1-800-723-6953
Kansas Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-400-8864

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